It's never to early to stock up for next season! WE DELIVER AND STACK YOUR FIREWOOD!

Come on Baby Light My Fire!

Happy Wednesday!  

What is more frustrating then trying to get your fire started?  If you are like us, we have tried it all, including newspaper, cardboard pieces, and blowing....a lot of blowing!  SO, we have added firestarter cups to our inventory to try to make fire starting a breeze. We make them on site and they can be delivered with your firewood order. 

What is our firestarter? Well as you can imagine, we have lots of sawdust.  So much so, that we don't know how to utilize it all on a daily basis but we came up with a great idea to use our sawdust and cut down on waste.   We marinate our sawdust with an ignitable fluid and pack it into small paper cups.  Those cups are then covered with parafin wax to seal the sawdust into the cup and packed into zip lock packaging for easy handling and no mess. 

How do I use the firestarter cups?   Simply place a firestarter cup under your firewood, light the rim of the paper cup, add kindling and then firewood Super easy and convenient and no more blowing!  

We have put these jewels to the test and they work great.  They come in small packages but they pack a mighty punch. 

First and foremost, unlike your typical kindling, fire starters are a cakewalk to utilize. They're designed with speedy ignition in mind. And they burn stable for extended periods of time, so you don't have to bother gathering more wood to get the flame going finally.

That's all for this week.   We are ready to sit around the fire and enjoy it, how about you?  Come on, let's light a fire! 

You can order our firestarter cups on our website at if you would like to add them or a bag or two of kindling to your firewood order.  They sure are handy to have around.  

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