It's never to early to stock up for next season! WE DELIVER AND STACK YOUR FIREWOOD!

We Smell What You're Cooking!

Good Wednesday Everyone! 

We have noticed an increase in the need for cooking woods.  From home smokers and pizza ovens to large scale BBQ restaurants and Pizzeria's, nothing is better than the cooking with real wood.  We are excited to offer cooking wood by the bundle and by the rick as we expand our inventory to meet the needs of everyone who loves to cook with wonderful hardwoods such as Oak, Hickory or Wild Cherry.  Nothing tastes better!    We still love what we do and love to meet and greet all of our customers who have become a part of our firewood family.  

This week we have been working hard with our crew to process a variety of hardwoods for cooking.  Oak seems to be the winner for our cooking wood customers.  Why Oak? Oak is an essential go to wood that introduces a mild to medium smoky flavor without over powering.  Oak is known for making the best coals for longer burning, cooking with different types of foods for that nice smoked color, which results in a beautiful and equally tasty meal. If you are cooking or smoking beef or lamb, this is the best hardwood to use. 

What about HIckory?  Hickory is heavier than oak, with a stronger flavor that's good for larger cuts of meat and just about any barbecue.  Perfect for that pork butt that you have been craving. 

Cherry is another great option.   Cherry wood delivers a mild to medium smoke that is sweet, slightly fruity and blends well with oak wood. Cherry is an excellent wood for smoking pork, lamb, beef, dark poultry like duck and other gamey meat.

All options are great for pizza ovens.  These woods create an intense smoky flavor that can't be achieved with other types of fuel like gas or electricity. Additionally, these woods burn slowly, allowing you to maintain a consistent temperature in the pizza oven.

Wow!  All this talk about food.  Let's all take a break and cook something with wood!  

Check out our cooking wood options under the cooking/smoking wood tab at the top of our website.  

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